Cracks In the Light

Unspoken secrets, coveted, shared.
Time that bends like sunflowers
turning their faces towards rays of radiance.
Words of love trickling
from my lips…
Rain shatters on the ground
as I turn to you
and pull you into my embrace…
Love remembered.
Shadows of the forbidden torn away
like waves crashing on the shore,
darkness receding leaving, banished,
sparkling seashells in their wake.
The longing moon flirting with a
chandelier of stars as the peaceful feeling
of safety ensconces me as it emanates
from your arms.
Grains of stardust catch the moonfire
a whisper, a kiss,
until you and I become lost
fallen into the cracks in the light.

• Valentyna Holloway

Mariska Karto

Mariska Karto Photography

The Ripped Notebook Series ©  Valentyna Holloway


Do Not Reproduce Poetry In Whole Or In Part Without Permission

© @ValentyneDreams — Valentyna Holloway 2017

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