If You Only Knew



If You only knew~

I still hold on to the sunshine You placed in my heart.

If You only knew~
The way I linger on bridges, waiting, aching to hear Your
approaching footsteps and feel Your hand touch my waist.

If You only knew~
How I wait for You as I sip my coffee, in reverent prayer
that You will run Your fingers along my neck as You sit
down to radiate my life as I memorise Your hands,
Your eyes, the way Your lips move as You speak to me
even in casual conversation.

If You only knew~
I re-read Your letters in late hours of the night,
slowly drinking in each word as they caress my heart
as they did when I first fell in love with You.

If You only knew~
Every word I write has Your heartbeat embedded in it.

If You only…

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