Fairy Tale

Once upon a heart, there was a girl who fell in love.
Eternal, requited, yet full of insane obstacles
and a world seemingly conspiring to keep them
apart. She tried to let go, but it was always Him.
No one else would compare. She lost her glass
slipper and he found it and told her she was
the most beautiful woman in the kingdom.
And still~ she stayed quietly in the shadows.
Patient. Waiting. There was always something
missing with someone else. That spark He lit
inside her. It just wasn’t there unless she was
around Him and then it turned into a raging
wildfire. And so it goes…she will wait for Him.
Her soul, forever gone. For she gave it to Him
long ago in another lifetime and she ask it not
be returned. Her only wish that it not be lost
in his pocket. Forgotten. That somehow, He too
was watching out the window casting a wish
on the same star. Praying to be with her. For
fairy tales are meant to end with:
Happily Ever After.

  • Valentyna Holloway ©


Do Not Reproduce Poetry In Whole Or In Part Without Permission

© @ValentyneDreams — Valentyna Holloway 2016


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