Arcane Legends Painted on a Wall

They left instructions.
Painted a map.
Only the worthy were to understand.
That is where You and I come in.

They live among us in disguse, like other creatures
of Divine nature. Hidden in plain sight from the
prying eyes of the world. Perhaps You and I had
something in common with them and that is why
we understand. Perhaps it is because You too are
one of the Divine. They left clues all over the island,
painting, writing, things that appeared in the
morning light that weren’t there the night before.

As the tides are pulled by the moon, drawn into
the ocean by cosmic force, You and I are magnetically
drawn to the island. To the mountains that drop into
the sea, to the gardens where koi swim as if they
were in a land far away, to the shore where the
fishermen cast their lines and colourful boats
dot the shore as they have for centuries.

We wander, You and I, hand in hand down the street
reading the strange markings, trying to decipher
the strange marking, wondering what the meant,
who could have left them, why local legend said
they only appear at night. Then suddenly, You
found an image on a wall.

The people on the street oblivious to Your discovery
passing us by as we stood. While to You and I it
became clear. The image was of houses, with strange
windows, each house bearing a strange flat roof,
the shading underneath seeming to represent the
sea, the darkness surrounding the houses with
no moon or stars in the sky seemed to represent
the interior of a cave.

It could only mean one thing. Merpeople.

Those mythic creatures sought after for centuries,
sirens that called sailors to their deaths in murky
depths, mermaids and mermen that gracefully
swam alongside boats guiding them to safetly.
Creatures that could not walk upon the land but
could breathe the oxygen in the water underneath
the sea.

Half-fish, half-human, and here, upon the land
a map had been left. Perhaps for only the very brave
and the very astute to find. To share the knowledge
of their existance, that perhaps, just perhaps
legends were correct and there were rare cases of
those who could walk upon the land bringing
serene calm to those they encountered.

We wandered that day, through the old town, up
and down the streets. Seeking more, seeking knowledge,
seeking the unknown, the forbidden. Until we found
a door. A mermaid gracefully swinging as a playful
dolphin beckoned the chosen to open the door and
step inside.

I looked up at You with curious eyes. You nodded to

I knocked.

We waited.

I knocked again, a little firmer this time.

And a voice, deep as the ocean bid us to enter…

(to be continued…)

  • Valentyna Holloway ©

Inspired by Your photo…which I dare not post…unless You…

Do Not Reproduce Poetry In Whole Or In Part Without Permission

© @ValentyneDreams — Valentyna Holloway 2016


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