Impatience of the Heart

Impatience of the Heart

Here, in the crowd, in the middle of everyone.
Watching, some walking with others, maybe a
lover, maybe a friend, some holding hands, people
freely expressing the kindest love, some holding
coffee, rushing, or slowly sauntering, some with their
hands in their pockets, unconcerned about the day,
about the busy, about the crowd. I clench my hands
tightly, digging my nails into my palm as if that in
itself will release the darkness built up inside me,
release to the light. I dig my nails in until it is hurting,
leaving an impression in my palm, distracting me
from the commotion. I look around my eyes feeling numb.
Watching the particles suspend in the air, the shades
of colour from the shades of grey. The outline of the trees,
their branches bare, showing off to the sky, to the grass,
to the creatures. I walk towards the bridge lost in
thoughts and I wait. Counting the number of thoughts
that run through my mind. I close my eyes, surrendered
to wishes, consumed by the darkness that numbs
my sense. And then, just before the darkness overtakes me
entirely, I feel You. Walking behind me, and the clouds part
in Your wake. And somehow, in one touch, the darkness
lifts and You shine Your brightness into the darkest
corners of my soul. Making me wonder if perhaps
my darkness was only impatience of the heart.

  • Valentyna Holloway ©

swans in roath park in january

Do Not Reproduce Poetry In Whole Or In Part Without Permission

© @ValentyneDreams — Valentyna Holloway 2016


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