Confessions in a Frisson

Loving You
is the most terrifying thing
I have ever done.
It’s not because I worry that You
will break my heart,
(I trust You too much for that)
or that I worry outside influences
will twist this fragile love
into something else and spiral
us into indifference,
(I freely give You my heart forever)
or that I worry that my insecurities
will overwhelm us both and we will
drift into silence.
(I am strong because of You)
What I am trying to say is this is
frightening because I grow with You,
not towards You or away from You
but with You. Like two sunflowers
who’s stems have twisted together and
turn to face the sun sharing the same light,
the same air, the same moon at night.
My love for You feels like I am walking
outside for the first time, exploring the world
with open eyes and an open heart instead of
shutting myself in darkness behind walls.
You turned the sky on for me, lighting up the
constellations, the vastness of the universe
shining down on us in millions of twinkling
stars and cosmic trails of stardust that
illuminate under our skin.
You make the ordinary extraordinary for me,
bring to life the beauty of the world around us,
I am wide-eyed and trembling at the wonder
in a flower and the changing leaves on trees.
Music, literature, poetry all come alive for me
because You stoked that flame inside me and
suddenly everything had a different meaning,
they weren’t just words, letters strung together,
I could feel Your pulse through mine bringing
the words of love alive.
For no other will I ever long to kneel in Worship,
to share the most intimate frisson that courses
through my veins and my need to convey those
same feelings to You. You awakened that desire
in me, without You it wouldn’t exist. My lips
long for Your kiss, my body aches for your touch.
You are the part of my heart that didn’t
know how to beat.
Take my hand. Share this love with me,
Let’s fall off the edge of the universe

– Valentyna Holloway ©

Do Not Reproduce Poetry In Whole Or In Part Without Permission

© @ValentyneDreams — Valentyna Holloway 2015


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