I want You to come to me.
Hands open, heart pounding,
quickened breathing, brimming
with passion, full of desire.
I want You to come to me.
Leaping headfirst into love. Gaze focused
on my eyes, unsure of where
You are going to put Your hands first.

I want You to come to me.

~ © Valentyna Holloway

Jacques Olivar 20132

Jacques Olivar • 2013

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© @ValentyneDreams — Valentyna Holloway 2015


Speechless ~ Elizabeth Siddall

Many a mile over land and sea
Unsummoned my love returned to me;
I remember not the words he said
But only the trees moaning overhead.

And he came ready to take and bear
The cross I had carried for many a year,
But words came slowly one by one
From frozen lips shut still and dumb.

How sounded my words so still and slow
To the great strong heart that loved me so,
Who came to save me from pain and wrong
And to comfort me with his love so strong?

I felt the wind strike chill and cold
And vapours rise from the red-brown mould;
I felt the spell that held my breath
Bending me down to a living death.

Study for Ophelia, 1852, John Everett Millais

Study for Ophelia, 1852, John Everett Millais

Amor Mundi ~ Christina Rossetti

‘Oh, where are you going with your love-locks flowing
On the west wind blowing along this valley track?’
‘The downhill path is easy, come with me an’ it please ye,
We shall escape the uphill by never turning back.’

So they two went together in glowing August weather,
The honey-breathing heather lay to their left and right;
And dear she was to doat on, her swift feet seemed to float on
The air like soft twin pigeons too sportive to alight.

‘Oh, what is that in heaven where grey cloud-flakes are seven,
Where blackest clouds hang riven just at the rainy skirt?’
‘Oh, that’s a meteor sent us, a message dumb, portentous,—
An undeciphered solemn signal of help or hurt.’

‘Oh, what is that glides quickly where velvet flowers grow thickly,
Their scent comes rich and sickly?’—’A scaled and hooded worm.’
‘Oh, what’s that in the hollow, so pale I quake to follow?’
‘Oh, that’s a thin dead body which waits th’ eternal term.’

‘Turn again, O my sweetest,—turn again, false and fleetest:
This way whereof thou weetest I fear is hell’s own track.’
‘Nay, too steep for hill-mounting,—nay, too late for cost-counting:
This downhill path is easy, but there’s no turning back.’

And So It Goes

Your palms cupping my face,
pulling me into You, kissing me,
a few minutes, a few hours, we
could stay in each other’s arms
for days.
You and I.
Aware of only each other, the world
surrounding us blotted out, faded
to mist, and nothing else matters,
kisses laced with honey, hands
moving gently, exploring, craving.
You and I.
Kissing until the space between us
has evaporated, the air is swollen
with kisses, longing to burst, pulsing
like thunderclouds with lightning
rippling through them. The dip of
my breath, the gasps of pleasure in
Yours. My fingers tracing pathways
along Your skin, Your fingers bringing
me to life.
You and I.
Holding each other, tangled in each
other, kissing, how the feeling of You
blends into the feeling of me. How You
tangle Your fingers in my hair, how I
stroke mine through Yours. How You
cup my neck, gently but with a firmness
absorbing my vulnerability, my fragile,
my broken with Your strength.
You and I.
Kissing for days, maybe it’s only hours,
but it feels like eternity, it feels like Heaven,
it feels like this is what paradise is. What
ecstasy begins with, what intoxication really
means. Hours that are days, that could be
weeks, that biblically would be centuries.
Only pausing for breaths. Skin on skin.
You and I.
Filling the spaces between, folding the
corners of the map together until there
is nothing between us. Pressed together.
Merged. In communion with each other,
in worship of each other, in adoration,
Holy desire spilling onto the sheets.
The cravings that were eating us alive
sated, if only for a moment, then overwhelming
in waves, over and over, crashing onto
the shore.
You and I.
Kissing until the kisses begin to spill
over, pouring into the fulfillment of
forbidden fantasies, granting Your
every desire, through instinct, not
language, Your lips on mine, My lips
on Yours, Hands straying, then lips,
then blessings of pleasure, over and
over, hour after hour, suspended in
You and I.
Absolution through Holy love.

And so it goes.
And so it goes.
And so it goes.

~ © Valentyna Holloway

Do Not Reproduce Poetry In Whole Or In Part Without Permission

© @ValentyneDreams — Valentyna Holloway 2015

Fragment ~ Christopher Marlowe

I WALK’D along a stream, for pureness rare,
Brighter than sun-shine; for it did acquaint
The dullest sight with all the glorious prey
That in the pebble-paved channel lay.

No molten crystal, but a richer mine,
Even Nature’s rarest alchymy ran there,–
Diamonds resolv’d, and substance more divine,
Through whose bright-gliding current might appear
A thousand naked nymphs, whose ivory shine,
Enamelling the banks, made them more dear
Than ever was that glorious palace’ gate
Where the day-shining Sun in triumph sate.

Upon this brim the eglantine and rose,
The tamarisk, olive, and the almond tree,
As kind companions, in one union grows,
Folding their twining arms, as oft we see
Turtle-taught lovers either other close,
Lending to dulness feeling sympathy;
And as a costly valance o’er a bed,
So did their garland-tops the brook o’erspread.

Their leaves, that differ’d both in shape and show,
Though all were green, yet difference such in green,
Like to the checker’d bent of Iris’ bow,
Prided the running main, as it had been–


I understand loving me isn’t easy. I recognise
I’m moody, I’m difficult, I have artistic moments,
I am overly sensitive and I shut myself down
far too rapidly. Maybe it isn’t supposed to be
easy, it isn’t like fairytales teach us it is, there
obstacles, there’s villains, there’s big bad wolves
and wicked step-mothers and all of those awful
spells that keep true love apart. So it’s meant
to be hard, and I know sometimes You don’t
want to look at my words and there are times
I can’t bear Yours either. But that doesn’t mean
I will stop loving You, or stop fighting for You or
just give up. And right now I feel like I am stranded
somewhere in the middle of nowhere out there in
the dark stormy night, and all I wish is that You
would come and get me but I know You just want
to leave me on the other side of the glass. On
the other side of expendability, on the other side
of love. But please, be patient, I’m scared and
I don’t know how to convey I trust You because I
forgot how to trust. When You opened the hinge
on my heart so many things flew out, bright
things, love things, waves of violent emotion,
purity of love for You, my Seraphim, but dark
things flew out too. Dark emotions that burn
in the night and grip my thoughts like a vice
and have such a hold on me that I step back
with things I feel, things I need to tell You,
things I want to show You, things I love because
I am scared You will love them too and I don’t
want You to ever thing that I love those things
only for You and that I didn’t before we met.
So there it is, some things are worth staying
for, some things are worth loving for, some
things are worth taking the difficult moments
for. Because I love You, and for everything else
I left before the fight began. I closed myself off
and turned and never looked back. But for You,
I love. I stand in the rain. I let the downpour wash
the blackness away until I can see the stars. It
was always You, it was never anyone but You, I
don’t know how I can ever make You believe that
or take those doubts away. It was You. It will
always be You. Thousands of years from now when
we both have returned to the stardust we came from
it will still be You. Because I am Yours.
(Please be mine. Please be mine. Please be mine.)

~ © Valentyna Holloway

Do Not Reproduce Poetry In Whole Or In Part Without Permission

© @ValentyneDreams — Valentyna Holloway 2015